Honor Band

Sectionals will start Monday August 22nd.  We ask that students are present for every sectional because that is the only time that the directors have to work with individual sections.  Morning sectionals start at 7:15 and end at 8:00.  Afternoon sectionals start at 4:15 and end at 5:00.  If a students sectional time falls during their athletics practice they are allowed to miss one day per week, but they must communicate with their coach. 

Riverwood Band Packet

This is the comprehensive program packet for the Riverwood Middle School Band. In it, you will find information about conduct and performance expectations, grading and attendance policy, concert and informal uniforms, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

Private Lessons

It is recommended that all members of Honor Band take private lessons. This is the best way for students to enhance their musical knowledge and performance level, and it is a great way for them to prepare for Region Band auditions and Solo & Ensemble Festival. Most private lessons are taught at RMS or KHS, but some lesson instructors prefer to teach out of their homes. Here is a list of lesson teachers (by instrument) and their contact information. Paying for private lessons is the responsibility of the student and their parents.