Riverwood Middle School Band


The last day to turn in your tickets is TODAY after school! We will annouce the class period that won the Tiff's Treats party at our winter concert.

Our Winter Concert is December 5th at 6:30. We will be having it at Woodridge Baptist Church which is right by RMS. We will announce further details once we are past Thanksgiving break.

Symphonic and Honor Band Students

All Symphonic and Honor Band students will need to make sure they have the Foundations for Superior Performance: Warmups and Techniques for Band book for their instrument. This can be acquired through one of the local music stores or Amazon. Please make sure you select the book for your childs instrument! Most 8th graders will already have this book from last year, but 7th graders used a different book in beginner band.

Private Lessons

CLICK HERE for our list of private lesson teachers. It is recommended that all students take private lessons. This is the best way for students to enhance their musical knowledge and performance level. The most successful students in band almost always take private lessons. Most private lessons are taught at KHS, but some lesson instructors still teach over zoom or in rare instances at their house. Above is our list of lesson teachers (by instrument) and their contact information. Paying for private lessons is the respnsibility of the student and their parents. There is a scholarship avaliable for lessons from the band boosters, and you can contact the band directors for more information on that.